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Do you notice that you are smoking more and more? Or that you find it increasingly difficult to stop gaming in time? Do you increasingly have a blackout after a night of drinking? Or do you notice that you can no longer enjoy going out without drugs?

Do you ever worry? Do you feel you don't have full control over your behavior? Moti4 helps!

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You are between 14 and 26 years old and think it is time to take a critical look at your use or gaming behavior? Then Moti4 is for you! Together with a professional in the field of stimulants and gaming, you investigate what works for you and what does not. You decide! 

What is Moti4?


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Alcohol, weed, and gaming

Is your cannabis use higher or lower than that of your friends? How do you know if you're an over-the-top gamer or just have a fun hobby? And can you separate the myths from the facts about alcohol?  

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Moti4 is given by the employees of the Prevention Department in your area. Moti4 is not a program with therapists in white coats, but with employees who understand where you come from. Together with you, they look for the solution that suits you best. Moti4 is completely free and you do not need a note from your doctor to participate. Anonymous, trusted and personal!

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