Do you give in to peer pressure?

or do you decide whether you use ?

What is Moti4?

Are you concerned about your substance use? Do you often drink too much alcohol or is cannabis use slowly taking over your daily life? Are you worried about your gaming behavior and do you find it increasingly difficult to stop in time?

Worrying is step 1!
That is probably why you came to this website. Good to have you here.
Moti4 is for young people between 14 and 24 years old who are looking for more knowledge and insight, more awareness and growing motivation to break through old patterns!


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What can Moti4 do for you? 

Together with a prevention worker in your area, you investigate the status of your use or gaming behaviour.  

  • How did it originate; 

  • in which areas in your life do you suffer from it; 

  • and what would you like to see different?  

  • together with the prevention worker you will look for the reasons and function of your use or gaming behaviour

The Prevention Worker helps you set your goals and gives you tips on how to achieve them. You set the goals and you set the pace.  


Moti4 in a nutshell 

On average you have 4 conversations with a prevention worker. The interviews take place at your preferred location. You set your goals, you set the pace. You do not need permission from a general practitioner.

Moti4 is free!

How does it work?

Good things come to those who wait work for it.

The name Moti4 comes from the word Motivate. The 4 stands for the four core goals on which we will work together with you. Based on these 4 core goals, we hope to give you more insight and help you a long way in your motivation to reduce or possibly stop excessive substance use or gaming. 


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Map your usage

Determining which phase of use you are in
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I want to know more about 


Is Moti4 for me? 

Are you worried about how often and how many hours you game in a row?

Do you notice that your alcohol use has a negative influence on your school/work performance or relationships?

Are others (friends, family, colleagues or teachers) concerned about your cannabis use?

Have you been gaming in the past four weeks?

You answered yes to one or more questions:

Moti4 might be something for you!  

Free sessions

throughout the Netherlands!

Moti4 is given by the employees of the Prevention Department in your area. Moti4 is not a program with therapists in white coats, but with employees who understand where you come from. Together with you, they look for the solution that suits you best. Moti4 is completely free and you do not need a note from your doctor to participate. Anonymous, trusted and personal!
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